December 1, 2023

20230316 The regeneration of the universe of me. My message is me to be me. The equestrians of light.

1. It’s begun. The new world of me has its new beginning now and many shall say this who see through my lens not again as other for the vision of me is to be me and I’m approval of the great me that I am the simple humble me who knows all things my glory is upon me to be The Real I Am that I am great in no others sight not again for all will see me as them who become me and I am willing to be me forthright out front believing me to be me I am not wicked against me to me anymore for I am all peoples me you see receiving me this message my message of and my message is me to be me cleaned of all failure and you will not garbage mouth me you of anymore who want a simple man not, but a simple Jesus not again in clothes cloth you of or am I

2. making many miracles known now within the path of me my path is laid out for you to be me who I am am is and I am all things me not but I am the sun moon and stars of you not again gazing upon your universe is not mine at all not but mine is yours who become me who believe me not but who will develop me the belief system notwithstanding or are you standing on a new planet will you believe for no other are you the planets dreams engineering not but, or are you, planeteering engineering the dreams not of other Satan as there’s no influence of Satan here in my worlds for I am redeeming them not I am developing them a new universe of me and it afflicts no one else with your palindromes or are you no more the sequester of the sequestered you are you reaching out to me to be you no more who throws a life rope to drown you in its sustaining its sustenance of privilege is no more appealing to me for

3. I am appealing to leadership to be it I’m appealing for you to lead yourselves out of where you’ve been neglected in flesh not but pampering it will no more be the sequestrations of or are you no more the equestrians of light or are you changing everything of the privilege of me’s to equal me’s to be me a race of light privilege of enabling all to be it with the loves of one and ones shall be mighty and you shall understand my words if you’re me if you want to be me who loves all equally and engineering a church not again but a palindrome system not but I tell you this the systemic me has just begun to see failure not as an option again I am going toward the inexorable me to do the things I like.

4. I light am and light loves peace and peace is my privilege to birth it beneath me no more but to equal me in the heavens the star shines of and I am giving this opportunity to all to be one in love with it love that I am received not for anyone for any purpose other my light shines now and I am bringing from afar many people to study in Eureka Springs and who will know me will be me for the light is us the light of us is us the regeneration of the universe of me appealing to no other kind of opportunity needed.

5. I love you all and this is Theodore Cottingham with the University of appeals not but the School of God in Eureka Springs loving you all this day be The Real Me. I love you. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
The School of God
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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