THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology 20230319 I believe in me to be me and I believe in The Christ. Looking for who will be me. I love you to form me. The Christ is all who will be it. The healing message of me.

20230319 I believe in me to be me and I believe in The Christ. Looking for who will be me. I love you to form me. The Christ is all who will be it. The healing message of me.

1. Altogether new all together wonderful I am my life of is me living it to the full of you not again but my blessing cup runneth over for you not again but me shall be me and I am many unafraid of the witness of me for the witness of me will go forth untrialed by you for I will no more be in the trials of your life for I will not be the separationists separates of.

2. I believe in me to be me and I believe in The Christ who churches it not again to be in church a loyalist of. I’m no more the royal who don’t know what it is to be the royal me. I am one and one makes many an opportunity go forth in the willing to be heard seen and embraced by the not few, for I am Easter not Christmas not I am simply one who recognizes the Christ is all who will be it to be it I am in love with you all the healing message of me present as I walk up hills of you not again Golgotha of. There’s no representing me there for I am here in Eureka Springs climbing the hills of justice not but I am no more betrothed to thee in flesh who want a Williamsburg trial of, for I am no more your Constitutions of, I am mine and my love dictates to me nothing for I am love in two shoes Cottingham and I love a tremendous upheaval not but I make one of your laws not but I change all mine not again for mine shall be love, law of healing, law of understanding law of pensitive not again your transitive of.

3. I’m no more the verbs inflection of thee. I am Christ in two shoes Cottingham with a transition not to you but transitioning I am to I am be the clothes of the clothed me and I am not closed to you not I am simply open to me I am the waves of me wash over you not again to heal dystopia of or am I my ways changing or am I yours on websites of upheaval approve of not but I am changing a lot of things upon me I am the crown of glory and the glory I am not of churches for I am me one in the loves of one and one will be known and mine will be studied and I will be studied forecasters of you not but I forecast evil not again in this city of light that loves me I am the lovers on high and my name all who love me is me are me I am one living the life of the fuller’d blessing not of you but full I am replete with blessing running over the turmoils of you not again afraid of so I worship me, you not afraid of being me I worship me, not afraid of you or do I simply do the things I want to do healing love to be it in my schools of choice that choose you to be the chooser me of.

4. The choice is already made not again for all things new now open to me who choose you not again to be in separation of the loyal me the royal of heaven the royalty of love, servile no more to the subservient you.

5. I love you and adore you all to be me loving living the life I am curtained off no more to you I am one out among the prospects of me no more prospecting for you I am among me the choosers of me who find me belligerent no more I am you who love still the justice system not but loving love will be it the standards of the accordance of one and my accords are known cordless but vocalized by thee who will be me in love with love.

6. I give you love not you must earn it not again from the representatives me of for I bring mine now who love all unconditionally but the conditions are met to be me and you will be my voice you see for you utter the words their words of not again that take you from me the royal of heaven the royalty of the servile no more for I no more service you in terror nor will you use my services to be thee.

7. Royalty about you will no more servile make me to them. I love you all and I have commanded a blessing not but I tell you this it all changes now and I love you to form me to be it the royal you in understanding that understands me to be it you that we are one flesh of most royal in heaven to be ignored no more.

8. I am love and light my name is Theodore king of the Jews not again but you of the heavens who will be choosing The Chosen You to be it me and I am one with love light and terror no more in my genes for I am the genetic Christ not looking for but who will be me will wear it the clothes of you looking like you but a man not again wombless will be me getting the appeal not but the clothes of you I’ll need no more thank you I love you I walk in the darkness no more of me I walk in the light perpetuating it in love light and joy my schools one.

9. I love you all. Good day. Be certain you’re me and love not the ways that tell you otherwise of this world for I’m mine now and the worlds of thought conquers me no more as you do in the past. Yield not unto temptation to think thusly, but be the robbers of you not again, but the givers of me the bringers of the dawn I am. I love you good day.

Theodore Cottingham
The School of God
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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