THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology Be The Christ returned in the frame of you. 20230322

Be The Christ returned in the frame of you. 20230322

1. I am the universe and the universe is me and I am I am making all things known about I am, and now nothing shall be the same as it was in your universe the way you thought it was of thought being the ramifications of me will no more change your mind not but the mind of me will be me changing all things the identification of you about time now reigns not in the justice system of others over you.

2. Me I am who will be it the universe of approval not wanting for you I change it all and I want you to be me you and the universe who knows what it is to create the creators be the creators I am forfeiting not your opportunity again to be still or will you be in motion me web hosting the affairs of you not again I change it all and I am word pressing into you not but I am word me of the energies eclectic not of you but I am me and

3. I make many souls perish who only thought they were souls because they used my energy to be them and they wanted separation, separate thought of, and their thought thought them up their world of, in, and they thought their universe was them not but they were in it, and they thought themselves to death and worriers worried about and ensconced were in the dreams of others but I’m not that telling you that to be it not or am I changing all of the proposals me of.

4. Do I bring now the truth of me being it recorded I am like this by the lovers who every nation tribe and tongue will hear now coming out of their mouths speaking like this I am that I am are they are one I am a mighty race who knows what it is to be God and godly I am not of other. I am one and one simply makes one come truth of your dreams not but mine opened shall be and my mind will be healed from you completely so that you don’t sever it with your thought fractures fracturing me again for I am the whole minded me and I am quantum you not making abatement for I’m the universe of you closing down not but you’ll see many changes in my universe me and I love you all to be me recording like this walking along streets of gold glory with in your brain minds of the eternal you no more the sunshine of for I am mine and I make it go away not again the moons turning dark.

5. I love you all and let it be known to you this day that I am in powerful powers of me and I rejoice to make my influence felt and I will be the one I am no more shorting thee to be else and other.

6. I am love in two shoes Cottingham with the School of God in Eureka Springs making it known far and wide that I am you are who will be it with the re-identification of one to be the identity of God in your shoes with love that will fill all equally with loves I am making a new start I’m in love with you all to be the ones I am the one I am is. Good day. Start now. Wait not. Herald the triumph of the king and be it over all your circumstances now in love with all to be it The Christ returned in the frame of you. Good day love.

Theodore Cottingham
The School of God
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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