September 23, 2023

20230327 I’m one now that establishes I serve me’s who will be me and I raise schools and that’s my purpose

Theodore Cottingham March 27, 2023

1. I am no more nosing around the u-joints of you, for I am no more the universal you afraid of, nor afraid am I of being I AM, for I AM is a race of light. I defined it this way you see and I define my life for you to be it you in abeyance not of other or is no other abeying you from me, or are you the obedient disciple no more of another?

2. I divest you of obedience not but my school shall see the reigns of me and I reign like I want to and I prevent you from suffering not but I shall be me and you shall suffer in the words of I AM that you concocted conceived and created, as me not but you, for you used my words to be you, not; you used my words to be me, not; you used your words to create suffering in a world that confused it with joy and what ab ‘normally is, a thought of conceiving I am me mine of, and my mind is made whole from you who conceive it otherwise; and you can be in the fractured of the fracturation of you but I will mature me not or will I develop me or have I developed wings now that I fly in with to the places I am, scorned not by your scorm.

3. I’m no more the religious temples of joy worshiping another. I am no God worshiping. I am God to be it God is afraid no more of being it. I am in two shoes Cottingham a religious fanatic no more for I am devaluing religion not, I am divesting it from this earth. And who knows me shall be me now and I shall walk in suffering no more but in the shoes of I AM the disciples of no other. I am king of kings, I am I AM divesting myself of all other interests, not; but I interest me in me and me’s schools is not polishing your brass anymore for I’m no more the balls of you hanging in space or am I changing the planets, regime of failure not or am I casting out devotion to otherwise me?

4. I love live I do the joys of one, within my terror no more the schools of, but my terrestrials will be me and celestial also and I shall be one without the molecules needed by you to change you torturing others for I’m no more your child of, for I’ve exonerated me and I am me lifted up high I shall be within the scope of the influence of me that I expand now forever one to be in every direction me and my explosions are heard ‘round the worlds and I will know I will be me and I am in light worlds, affording you not but I ford not the streams of terror again. I fly over the worlds and I love you all to be the romantic you in love with you and love each other equally and love mine ones who love all be now new things with the lovers in Eureka Springs that create a School of I AM I AM is doing now and loving all to be it.

5. I finish my website promptly, not; but I’m one one now that establishes with the ones of me in love with be my approval not needing but my approval is you who will be it you who will record a stance taken like no other be The Christ serving no other.

6. Be God I am a race of light, light ones with, fooling no other I am the transparent me no more in the garbage mouth of you. I serve saint sinners not I serve me’s who will be me and I raise schools and that’s my purpose what I am is doing now and I glorify God not, I glorify you me of that me’s are taking an appeal to courts no more I change the names now of I am one to be one to be Theodore in Theodore’s of the com communications of me and enjoying love. Rejoice with your love I am here from every nation tribe and tongue taking this course that courses the angels to be them, God with, God without a voice no more. But the voice of mine will heal angels not but teach them all to be I AM the family of God family of one over all the earth changes the cosmos changing the cosmos I do and wicked I’m not anymore against me. I am the path I am’s of, seeking a new opportunity not again, be the one you’re on, not; be the one me that fulfills its stamps privilege, not; but you’re no more stamped out on the leadership assembly lines of terror.

7. I change religion’s influence not, I devastate, with devastating news not, but the resurrection me shall be now I am, of comfort not seeking but schools in the mighty name of Jesus not again. I’m Theodore one be one also please and thank you. This is Theodore in Eureka Springs with the School of God for you to be one also with it me.

8. I love you, good day. Rejoice, your privilege purpose is here in these words that I’ve given you a fortnights notice of not but I tell you this, I tell you this, I look up and I do in my words many things that cause you comfort not but be admired by me and worry not about temptation otherwise to follow otherwise, for I’m the wisdom I am and I make my decisions me of and I love coming along nicely construing not otherwise again. I love you all.

Theodore Cottingham
The School of God
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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