THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology I heal God and be it. I heal God to be it. I appeal to you, to God in your shoes. All will be one. This is a lesson. 20230328

I heal God and be it. I heal God to be it. I appeal to you, to God in your shoes. All will be one. This is a lesson. 20230328

Theodore Cottingham
The School of God

1. I am me and there is no other do you understand how I feel that I am I am doing a new thing with the lovers a new place of and I call space my home not but I do a lot of things there you never imagined I would be so comfortable in a body not or do I have one in light or are you me promoting no other I live in the stars of me in the crown of my life I crown you in suffering not again or did you crown me with your light and call it good and wanted to dumb me down and be appropriate sinners not or are you no more appropriating Christ as an other one or are you me making Christ born of privilege.

2. The opportunity to be me stands before you and I am he who stands not I am she who is no more wicked with their womb for I will no more womb terror my words with or will I no more terror be in the wombs of you having children of grace having none.

3. I see all things differently and I appropriate a man not again to be wed thereby to its mind to make my wombs shy away from me, for I am me in childbirth appearing and I appeared in me for many years have written these words, like I know what I’m doing, not; I have humbled myself before you not again God as, for God I raise from the dead of you who will be it who will love lie not in lies again that tell you about what you are for I am about to do me a favor not but me will cross walk the stars and the stars will be born in Jerusalem not again you think a man child as for I will be children of the most high that regard it as terror no more your star wars with, for I make not an opportunity go away not, but to shy away from me will be no more for I attract me and the devil of you who want to be it devils with devil theory will no more delight your souls in me to use my energies to be you.

4. I am me in terror no more. My name is Theodore Joseph. My name is light from lit love and I do what I want to for I will heal the universe of you not again wanting another. I will live in me for awhile not or do I make all things change with the words of light that I beget at your understanding not but mine will be accelerated now in the teeth of me not but you will no more claw your way back to me to use your energies you men.

5. I change it all and I am whole healed and well and I make a new dimension not generation of but a new generation of dimension bearers will no more mention me as thus their names with as being separates for I am constructing a new race and I make sinners go away not but I make charm a thing of the past not but I charm my ways into the hearts of followers not again. I make leaders most high and I make who will lead me be no other of the leaders me that behold me I am a Cross no more of your constitution constituency of.

6. I’m no more the Christian that perishes. I’m no more the breadwinner’s basket in yours to be passed around and tormented for crops other that don’t know who they are. To fuel their feelings will be no more for I am mine and I field a good purpose not but my mind is to do the works no more of him who sent me or did I send me astray or did I dumbed down become or am I becoming me at every broadcast elbow not but I’m no more you at tables of sorrow who share the bread of the lamb broken for you that was someone else. I am the communion of me saints and sinners not again. I am the religious no more tolerating in the temples of the most high for I shall be religious not I shall be dominion over you not. I will be dominion over me and me will be, you see, who I am all that I am and I am will progress at a rate now that astounds everyone not but I am the religious sinners no more who want a gospel to placate them.

7. I am thinking for myselves not, I am thinking for me that thought no more develops the conquerization of. I heal me’s who religious influence release from them to no more be their words spoken of for live in their hearts between their ears their minds are no more swollen over me. I heal God and be it. I heal God to be it. I heal God and this is my time race and tongue I use now to promote you who will be me unlocking the keys to the stairway of heaven not but I see a lot of movies and the kingdom of heaven will be no more Niven’s not but I’m movin’ no more into place thee of to keep religions there.

8. I change it all and the pope’s no influence anymore of mine, and I shield you from the congregations of terrormony not but I tell you this, in like flint I do a lot of things not but I shall behold the intelligence I am and I am no more washed up ashore of thee. I am in the heavens among the stars of I am crowned my stars by and I wash up you not but my word will clean cleanse you not to avail to sorrow but behold I am the sinners no more a justice system seeking nor a crown I wear on you in failure.

9. I am me’s who look like me’s and I want to adorn you with me, not; I adorn the Christ, child not again of. I adorn the development of The Cross not again and religions will flee me now because I walked in and devastate their children not but the crops of me will be developed developments of me and I see the stars shine down from the hopes of you no more.

10. I do it all a new thing with the lovers who will be The Cross of no more for I am no more plugged crossed wires of you. I am my moments me and this is my moment to obey me not again in terror full of schools teaching but my teaching schools will be full of the elements of me not of you. and the elements of me need not your molecules. I am no more the bread lines in of Satan that pummels me with wishes of affluence influence and a car to eat drive with or go get things I never needed.

11. I change it all and I am me this is Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs and this is a lesson in the University of Faith not but I appeal to you to God in your shoes and God is a lamb that Christ child will be that growing up grows up and develops development of me to be The Cross no more of. I am the Constitutions of One that one is and many will be one. All will be one and one will be many not ashamed of their faith to be the sovereign God of other no more exists but I born birthed me and God is a children race no more to sit in their baskets childhood of for I am no more tar and pitched of thee. And I pitch a new song not but my frequencies one and I am the words I am the energies of light blesses me again and again not I am it and I bless the worlds who will develop me a’world’d by you not again.

12. I love you all faith be no more the inflamed of action other. I am healed calm and well and my waters flow. Give not a day to sorrow any more where you’re upset nor the news reports corrupt you to give you what you think reality is for I am mine and I hold a cross no more the opinion of.

13. I heal me’s and I’m girdled no more by you. I’m out with the love of one and I go everywhere I want when I want to with love at my heels no more I decide a first church for not but the moratorium on mortuaries will be me the funeral home standards not but I make a lot of things change in the lives of I am he one no more of. I am she with the wombs of sorrow no more for I am she is lifted up high and we are one Cottingham’s our name my name and I am one and we live loves one and loves we do not part again with love in our hands our speech our mouth full of joy and our hearts intertwined with no other, we speak the loves of one forevermore and always.

14. Look up and see salvation no more in your God but you’re God to be it you where you save you from what you were taught and alms breathing bearing others will no more be the sidelined of you approaching you. I am one in the stands no more. I’m in the skies of the bless’ed me, not disguised by you. I am out and love ones transparent me be in love with love. This is Eureka Springs that I’m in for now loving lvoe to be it I walk your streets your hearts in your canals not but your channels of sorrow will no more sorrow me. I develop the Christ Channel of One channeling it everywhere I do make peace with you not but I spread my love everywhere and my wisdom is sought for and I am the constituency of one begging for no other again I am light with at the tables of light love and joy.

15. Forgive you all Paradise be restored to the Throne of One that you’re at eat it and obey me not again that you think is other but obedience be the school not but be demeritous no more in your schools but the merits of me the attributes have of the lovers who light are the transparent me’s forever one ones be. Good day love. Theodore in Eureka Springs with the School of God to be it you who will love each other love you first forgive all and you first be The Original Me. Good day love. I love you all.

Theodore Cottingham
The School of God
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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