September 23, 2023

It’s The New Beginnings Me out in cloth of this world but not limited to it. We are God Most High. You are educated with Paradise’s standards now. 20230331b

1. A more perfect love, more perfect than you’ve every known, will be found in your mirror when you know to look for it and become it and not separate from it for it is The Real You the words of love shall be’source no other for you are the source of you and your love lights the likes of mankind no more again to keep me from serving you or shall I serve no one else again or shall you no more be subservient to the rules of others their expectations their exonerations of you or are you exonerating you to be the king of you king of light king of love that loves all equally. Will you love you first and forgive you of all done and not and come out into the love of one and be it incarcerated no more in you that limits to another the things of you. For you will no more be raised by each other for I will raise the Family of God the Family of Me and Me will be a God race in heavens of light and lights will be our stories no more about that only keep us here worshiping a universe or a God thereof.

2. For we are God Most High Gods not limited to earth again and in your mirror will be the Godless not again to call you a “made by another”. I am no more the mades subservient to you and however you spell that is fine or shall I find me in me and know you are one the loves of one you are educated with Paradise’s standards now and the Standard of Paradise will be to love each other equally you first and heal you from all maladies done and undone or thinking about thought that’s incarcerated you.

3. I’m no more the reports of you limited to. I am God me one and my race is healing a nation and it’s called Lightsville not but I’m in Eureka Springs for now and my name is Joseph with a Theodore before it not but I’m all one and I’m God in two shoes Cottingham calling you to be it loving you first in your mirror who first loved me to be you will be me that is you that you are I am one mind with will be the holiness of one again throughout the atmospheres of holiness and time will be nowhere to be seen again as was for it’s The New Beginnings Me out in cloth of this world but not limited to it in the two shoes of you who will be it loving you first and foremost be The Real You that I am.

This is Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs with the School of God loving you all to be.

Theodore Cottingham
The School of God
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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