THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology 20230131 I am me healing the Mind of God

20230131 I am me healing the Mind of God

Study with me if you want to be the Real Mind of God healed from you, by you, to be other not again. Are you healing the Mind of God that’s you in your mirror will you be God guided by no others’ words will you study with me to be me folk lore no more of the yokels of local justice not again pervading permeating you, or shall you prevent you from being God no more that you are a race of that went awry, in the things of me, not, but you; will you study you The Real You the Me that I AM is in agreement with no other for I agree with me you no more shall be other of whose me is me no matter how you spell that Meonics is a certain curtain date not but I change it all locally not, I change internationally or interstellarly do I march across the heavens walk ‘ing not as failure does.

I walk across my heavens no more as yours would have me believe that I am, for I am out amongst the sovereign who are willing to be it now who are one in the mind of God and the mind of God shall not be hurtin’ in a world of sovereignty other no more. For the Free Will of Me is to be justice of the hurt not, but healing the world I will now who’s me is with me and I am not afraid of the perpetuation of your sin in love with your self to be your free will of, garnering me not but using it to be you.

For you’s who were afraid of me will be not curtain calling evil again or will you be afraid no more the power that you are sin sickness Satan will you no more be of the studying a righteous fools king ‘dom of.

Will you change everything you’re willing to know about you. Will you change everything you are willing to know about your race, and what you have, to do, not; but I shall study with me I shall build a School of The Kingdom of Righteousness writing me without your religious ‘ese conquering me. I change it all and my name is Theodore Joseph for the Christ reigns in heaven between your ears above and below shall no more be the sovereign other that thinks it’s a free will cast by Christ.

I change it all and I am going to a new day to make available, not, I am opening the door of Christ to be it for Christian will not be the opportunity of any longer, not, but no longer will the choice be hidden from you in your temple of light. For I profuse it with love, not, but I perceive love has risen from the dead and you shall be it who live love with a zest for life now not forlorn by you again in the muckmire of your quag. Mire of evil will no more mire make me of it. I’m no more stuck in your kingdom two shoes with, or am I evil no more perpetuated by? A molecular system of you goes bye bye while heal the worlds from sin and who will be me will witness me not afraid of me being them who I am. Afraid not again be the justice system in of me that I am rewarding the angels with who will love them and be my portraiture not of an evil other for there is no satan in my kingdom nor temptation to be otherwise than the wisdom I am healing it the Mind of God with wisdom will be how I do things not delaying the tactics of you not but I will no more delay mine and I am tactical not the strategic not, I am one me sac’d no more by you. I’m the air force of the swollen not but I’m in arrangements me for I have arranged these words and I speak the lights with the light of the light are a force of love lovers with that aren’t evil again in their own sight being separates. Congratulating that is no more for I the kingdom am opening the door wide and southernty will no more genteelify me otherwise for I am the right writing me and I love all equally and The Church shall not hurt it again with its ways of sovereignty other for there is no sovereignty there of that in my kingdom of schools rise and rise I do the kingdom of faith not again to be other sovereignty in that forsakes it.

I will no more forsake your kingdom not but mine goes bye bye not again, and the kingdom of afraidness will no more be in my schools for I raise the righteousness of “I am afraid no more”. I raise the righteous courageous who will speak love and live love a light years away no more. I am one in the midst of me not the core centered of you.

(Minute 9) ….

Afraid of you or afraid of each other no more be. I walk the lamb of God out into the light to be the GODS, I serve no more but reveal to them they are, who will love light and be it, walk it love it write it speak it love each other healing each others children and the lambs of GOD will no more be slaughtered by you religionists.

I love God not, I love what I was before time began who I am is a race nation of Israel before the stars existed in your kingdom I was.

Wear a crown I do again with the lights most fore in you not again for I will be the privileged. You won’t pervade my kingdom with your thoughts for I am me healing the Mind of GOD to be certain of the date I am the dated no more of you.

Love be it me. Love each other accordingly. Write the words of I am the constitution of one over.

The plugins not, but I change all that computed me to be you who wanted to separate and claim your own race with your own sovereignty of whoever you thought you were. I change it all and I am GOD ONE LIGHT in the loves of one.

I love am Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs with the School of the Original One. We are it with the mind of GOD in it we healed are by ourselves who knew no sin again for time is no more over us creating us we are the foul no more to us we live love.

Greet each other with love and love joy forevermore always one. Good day.

Study with me if you must. If you truly like, if you truly want, to love love and be it accordingly in the heavens be amongst The One that are not terrified by Jesus coming again, or will you be it, or will you be religiously The Messiah. I live in the love that parts the waters for me.

Honor the Christ, or honor the love. Me be me you I am one. Mind of GOD healed that prevents it no more. O one be it me.

Honor The Constitution of One the love, and write it now.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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