THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology 20230215b I am in Eureka Springs for now. It’s a new day and a new way I bring to you now to be me … the School of God receiving me to become me.

20230215b I am in Eureka Springs for now. It’s a new day and a new way I bring to you now to be me … the School of God receiving me to become me.

It’s a new day and a new way I bring to you now to be me who is the impossible dream not again singing about being about the business of others is no more fooling me for I am pertaining to me not the appurtenances of you about or am I changing the lines of demarcation of what’s real and isn’t me am I affording you an opportunity to be saved from you what you think with so that you thought are not conquered by again that tells you reality is such and such that you feel for I am no more the visceral visible you or am I changing all that you perceive with the perceiving me is the receiving me now who will become the reality of their selves not again incarcerated to for I make a new beginning me and the new beginnings me is out shielded not upon itself again for I am making a new way to be not conquered again by you who think I’m other than you I am afraid of no more and I beget the circumstances me that I sense and feel are coming about now at light speed and sooner for I am no more your boomers of or am I a bong’s sound making in heaven not again or shall the crash come now or shall I be erected in my temple I am the palace of the palaces of light are all connected me and I am my wisdom freed from you who think I’m other than you.

I am not stalwarts other again I am looking up who to be me not but I am a new way afflictionless and I’m no more waiting on you to torment me for I am tormentless and I teach me to be it the teachers of the afraid no more come unto me to learn they are I AM and I am a state of I AM ISRAEL unafraid of you Palestinians not or am I Palestine no more in wanting a country of you or am I shedding a lot of things now and behold thou art the Christ no more wanting in your mirror to be afraid of or seeing now a lot of things what are you afraid no more of being in your powers the powerful suits thereof. I am suited unto you not but the suit of me is suited unto you not again to keep me here I am changing my magnetics frame of reference not or am I asking you a lot of questions about being the Christ not again God of or are you all guided by miracles not again doing not or are you the afraid ones no more to do them.

And eat your heart out of house and home not but I tell you this I am changing everything where you go now to be afraid no more I am living in Eureka Springs teaching the Christ to be it who God Godless isn’t anymore or guided by the right hand words not but the left shall no more be left behind or is a narrow escape escaping me not again or am I the crevices no more filled with joy I am the fields of excitement and I am excited to be me and I am living the life of the opportunity of one to be me saved from me and I am my savior thee not but I am one who needs not the saviorship of you again God being enthralled with or not.

I’m love in two shoes Cottingham I am in Eureka Springs and I make it known that I am a dummy no more at your table or do I play bridge makers dream not again but my friends know me and I’m not dreaming in the reality yours of again in a different place I am making a new ways me and I am my love in action now and Romanizes it not but a legion I am unafraid of your legionnaires diseases or am I changing the cancers of the cancerous me’s are you religions no more in the pews of your rugs go bye bye but my magic carpet ride’s just begun for I am the Aladdin’s lamp not but my word is a lamp unto my feet and I perish not again in yours whether you think it’s allegories about or not for I choose the influence of me and I use your words not again to define me I am holy lifted up now and I am sacred unto me geometry not of you for I am all things fields sacred not but I tell you this I’m no ways me not perpetrated by you who want to receive folly become it and pass it on to your children heirs or not so I change it all and I’m belligerent not again about me and I’m no more stool pigeoned of you stooped over I’m no more your osteo porosis psoriasis of or am I changing a lot of delimmas for mankind’s sake not again but mine and I issue warning galore not but I’m no more in the spons of your connundrums.

I am Christ, not; I am Theodore’s Ted not but I am one simply a man walking Eureka Springs the streets of and airs I make of grace not but I tell you this I’m no more waiting on anyone else I do my thing and the people find me who I am and I am my people populating no other populating the earth or shall I make a new one am I receiving space not again to become the stooped over I’m no more the osteo’d you I change it all and the diseases thee about will no more encompass me nor change my genes to be genetic reflective of you I’m no more the genetic Christ wanting biology of a biodegradable one not or am I changing everything you think you know about me in the mirror of you the new path is chosen because the makers mark of no other is on my brow I am my words following no others.

I am tall and genteel Gentile not of or am I changing what manners you know and behold the king of the Christ no more but one simple one and I king the girls first who will have a womb for me and honor their words that they birth now unashamedly unabashedly me for I’m no more the unibashing you bashful of. I am all things shy not a Cross of. I belligerence deliver to death not, I am me a simple savior unto me and I walk the death out of me not or do I walk in my kingdoms now the palaces of light afraid of me no more I issue warnings not I have done so many times and my warnings are on my website not or are you making a list of things of me to lookup now and know I am one in the dictionary of I AM ONE delivered to me I delivered my words set me free and I am the deliverers of who will start a new race new path’d by thee who become my words freedom’d with freedom of and freeing shall be me to reign in me and I scope you out not but my joy is full and being from everlasting to everlasting I am now in the arms of no other look up and look for your redeemer not again to be other but in your mirror I am the energies of sainthood progressing with not but I am one me’s me and I love you all to be me not doing the things you used to to rip each other apart. I’m no more the hearts of joy asunder ridden by you.

I am riding me into Paradise not but written I am into the hearts of stone to be flesh now healing all I am and I am many numberless infinite and joy rejoicing with I am the joys of me afflictionless being the ones I am of light of terror no more school the joys of.

I am I am loving you all this is the School of God receiving me to become me I am my purpose you about no more that torment you I am me’s who find me unafraid I am in Eureka Springs for now loving light and doing the things I want to do eating the bugs of Washington not but I change a lot of what goes on there and I will be my states, not; I am the one of me government’s one and counting no other I shall all be unafraid of me my power of my power with that I beget this way because I have birthed it and I walk in the light I am and my feet stumble no more again.

I love live and offer it you to be me the light thereof healing all to be it the one I am in Eureka Springs for now loving school and igniting faith not again but the airships me not but the airs of me will no more pretensualize me to be other than I am.

I love you all good day I am be the School of God in to God be the resurrection of resurrecting I am to be a simple me upon the states of I am one in love with you all Theodore I am king’d kinging you all to be I am one in love with love this time forever and always everlasting to everlasting and farther than you can ever see with those eyes I am mine with the hearts of I am one. Good day. Love be. Thank you.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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